Official Bilateral Visits

Official Bilateral Visits

On 2-6 October 2011 HD Asia Advisory led an Indonesian business mission to Ireland visiting Enterprise Ireland to meet their business counterpart.

Community Engagement Program

Community Engagement Program

United Mining Resources conducts on-site assessment and community development program in Garut, Indonesia.

Trade & Industry Market Visits

Trade & Industry Market Visits

Indonesian Transport Delegates Visited ITS Showcase and Conference 2012 in Dublin - Kilkenny, Ireland

Transaction Services

Transaction Services

Officials of Dublin Port Co. and Sabang Government sign a cooperation agreement to develop Sabang Port in Aceh.

International Conference

International Conference

Government Leaders Forum (GLF) was held in Jakarta and attended by, among others, President Yudhoyono and Bill Gates.

Official Bilateral Visits
Community Engagement Program
Trade & Industry Market Visits
Transaction Services
International Conference

What we do

Taking A New View of Business Diplomacy In Indonesia!

HD Asia Advisory is dedicated to helping clients devise strategies to navigate and initiate business diplomacy in Indonesia. We provide strategic advisory services to investors and corporations alike, enabling them to develop a comprehensive investment strategy and getting a better understanding of the territory and sector in which they operate. Our expertise and network of information enable us to assist clients in developing effective strategies to deal with legislative, regulatory and political issues.

Partners and Advisers at HD Asia Advisory work hand-in-hand with clients to anticipate and resolve problems by providing information, offering counsel, devising strategies, coordinating advocacy, and identifying issues to come up with most effective course of actions.

At every level, we define the specific goal, create a strategic plan, mobilize available forces and engage. We continuously enhance our force and extend our reach. We build out resources in areas that have proven effective and develop relationships to contribute synergy. Our services include:


  1. Market Entry and Business Diplomacy
  2. Policy Advocacy
  3. Perception Audits
  4. Capacity Building
  5. Community Engagements


  1. Cities and Infrastructure
  2. Aviation, Transportation and Logistics
  3. IT and Communications

Indonesia Infrastructure and Cities - 2017 Point of View

Indonesia - Infrastructure and Cities 2017 Point of View


Private Investment Participation in Indonesian Infrastructure, A Long Journey

HD Asia Advisory releases its beginning of the year Point of View on Indonesian Infrastructure and Cities. This is a compilation of views of the current state of infrastructure development and urban development in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s challenge is much greater than just optimizing existing infrastructure. But it is also cannot be simplified as just a question of investment. The provision of necessary infrastructure such as transit systems, toll roads, airport rail link, multimodal transport interchange, light rail, water treatment plants, information technology and communication backbones, is developed under a complex economic and political circumstances of being the 4th most populous country and 3rd largest democracy in the world. All of which require significant effort and a focused strategy in which both private investors and governments need to play significant roles.

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First PPP Center in Indonesia


First PPP Center in Indonesia

Mayor of Makassar Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Penida Capital and HD Asia Advisory at ASEAN Mayors and Makassar Investment Forum


Makassar, Indonesia, 11 September 2015.  In order to scale greater private investment in infrastructure in Eastern Indonesia, Makassar Mayor H. Ramdhan Pomanto, announced that it is launching the first PPP Center namely Makassar Public-Private Partnership Investment Centre (or “MPI Center”).

Welcome to the The Makassar Investment Forum

Makasar Investment Forum 2015

This year, The Forum will be held on 8-9 September 2015 and will focus on the power of growing middle class, affluent consumer, surging economic growth to support your investment, with a special focus on three areas of great interest to investors: consumer, Information Technology and infrastructure, healthcare, and education. Within the two days forum, you will be able to explore the huge business and investment potential, through interactive panel discussions, practical case studies, best practices, and presentations by visionary keynote speakers. At the top of the agenda, we at the Makassar City Government are very confident that this event will provide you with an unparalleled and highly valued opportunity for peer networking.

It is also my pleasure to introduce and welcome you to this beautiful country and city of Makassar. Various major events and festivities has been alongside the Makassar ASEAN Mayors Forum and the ASEAN Festival at the Losari beachfront. I truly hope that you achive most productive time invested and you will also have time to enjoy the country.

H. Ramdhan Pomanto
Mayor of Makassar

EU Cohesion Policy 2020 on Review

EU Cohesion Policy 2020 on ReviewCountries across the Europe make massive investments to promote regional development and reduce inequality, goals which have been at the heart of the EU policy and integration framework for decades.

West Java Geothermal Opportunities Explored by New Zealand firms

West java

New Zealand

Indonesia ranks 3rd globally with installed capacity of 1,200 MW from geothermal. In 2013, the total production of geothermal electricity in West Java was at 8,435 GWh with sales of  $577 million more. Geothermal energy sources in West Java spread across 11 locations in over 52 districts, are the largest in Indonesia.

Asean, Japan, Australia – A Strategic Region

The strategic issues of the region was discussed in Asialink Conversations in Hiroshima, Japan, on 10-12 April. They bring together influential participants from the 10 countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as well as Australia and the host nation, to address political, social and economic issues of common concern.


URBANLABHD Asia Advisory proudly announce a new practice in urban planning and solutions. Urban Lab is a unique entity that evokes the critical thinking of urban planning to provide practical and creative solutions for the many urban challenges faced by today's cities. The practice provide practical solutions and inspiration that shall expose people to new and creative ideas and solutions to solve or mitigate urban problems. Urban Lab is a collaboration effort between HD Asia Advisory and AJM Planning Urban Design Group Sdn Bhd., Malaysia.

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HD Asia Cities & Infrastructure Practice Launched

The Indonesian relatively stable macro economic in the past decade is an evidence of an improved monetary regime. But it is still heavily shadowed by paradoxes of disparities between regions. Central GovernmentŐs effort to attract investors to invest in Indonesia by reducing high costs, for example through tax incentives, export incentives, assurance of legal certainty, and security for investments, are shadowed by the fact that it does not followed by a much needed conducive condition in the regions.

Aviation Infrastructure & Technology sectors in Indonesia is Thriving

Dublin Aerospace

European service providers and investors in the aviation sector are very positive and interested in entering the Indonesian market scene. This was evident in the interaction between several Indonesian leading aviation with aiport companies from Asia, Middle East and Europe in a Dialogue held here in Dublin, Ireland, 12-14 June 2013.

The dialogue is being held in conjunction with an aviation trade delegation from Indonesia, organized by HD Asia Advisory.